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It’s a fact my wife loves dogging and there’s nothing I can do about it! We have been married for 15 years and although sex has always been great there’s just something that was missing and for my wife it was having sex with strangers outdoors nothing wrong with that in fact its a massive turn on watching men go hammer and tongue at the missus and in 1 night alone just before christmas she had 7 men you can just imagine how messy that session was. We are always on the look out for new partners to have fun with its mainly men at the moment but now and again I would love to meet a horny dogging lady and have my wicked way with as the wife is somewhere else sleeping with random men.

Now for all us doggers its always important to have a reliable website on hand where we can arrange sex meets, swap stories, update info and so on and for us UK dogging works perfectly, We havent been members long say around 6 months but in this time we have made new friends, enjoyed a few dogging sessions and always getting flirty online with other like minded men and women. UK dogging has got to be the biggest dogging site around and there are plenty of wives who love dogging and husbands like myself who don’t mind other men with their wives, If this is something you are into then I would highly recommend this site. Sign up is free, safe and secure and in a few minutes you can be chatting to other couples and swapping wives at dogging locations all over the UK.

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