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All Public masturbation stories are submitted by real women who lets face it get off masturbating in public. You can check out hundreds more via our website and If you have your very own explicit stories then why not share with us too. Below is a latest story which was submitted by a newbie dogger called Donna from Yorkshire:

My fantasy has always been getting up to no good in public and this could be anything from masturbating, using sex toys or having full on sex with random men, I thought my fantasy was pretty uncommon and I was shocked to say the least when I found out there were hundreds of women out there just like me. I’ve always been something of a sex mad slut and when I got married sex was great, 15 years later and well lets just say there’s no fireworks going on in the bedroom anymore. I was left to do my own thing and I came across dating websites I’ve never met any one up until recently and boy was I about to have a good time. Being new to dogging I did my research met a few kinky doggers and met in a well known location in Yorkshire.

I arrived in nothing but a tiny mini skirt, stockings & heels and the tiniest t-shirt which baerly covered my huge boobs once I got myself settled my arranged group joined me, It was a turn on knowing these strangers were about to jerk off as i masturbated! To say my pussy was wet was an understatement. I began rubbing slowly slipping my fingers inside my creamy wet pussy, building up a rhythm until I couldn’t hold it back no more and came, the men came at the same time and to show their appreciation they came all over my tits and pussy. I’m desperate to masturbate in public again and I hope you guys can join me too.

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